Here Are The Big Metaverse Developments You Should Be Watching

The Metaverse is sort of a catch-all phrase for Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR), and pretty much everything to do with virtual worlds. NFT and Crypto technology is widely used in Metaverse projects, such as Decentraland. 

Huge companies are creating metaverse projects, the most famous being Facebook. There are pros and cons to the concept, and a lot of experts believe that the Metaverse is the future and that we will all live our lives half virtually (not just with our nose to the phone screen). 

But what can we look at today and say, “So this is the Metaverse”? In this article, I’ll cover some of the most exciting and prominent Metaverse developments and projects happening right now. 

Ryan Hoggan is closely watching the development in Roblox metaverse.

Roblox (Videogames) 

Roblox has been its own little world since its development in the early 2000s. Users create avatars and worlds and interact with each other in those worlds. 

It’s only natural that the developers would notice how their game is being used and lean into that functionality. The Roblox developers have recently started pushing the Metaverse in their game. It seems like they plan to continue down this path by adding more VR support and even facial tracking for more life-like player interactions.

Ryan Hoggan is closely watching the development in Decentraland metaverse.


Decentraland is probably one of the most popular Metaverse experiments. Similar to Roblox, Decentraland allows users to hang out in a virtual world and get fully immersed. One great thing about Decentraland is that users can collect and display NFTs, use Cryptocurrency, and even buy land. 

The end goal for this project is to be a place users can truly live life, earn money, and interact in a virtual space. 

Ryan Hoggan is closely watching the development in medical metaverse.

Medical Education

You read that right! There have already been surgeries performed in Augmented reality. The surgeons that had the opportunity to use AR technology had nothing but good things to say. 

It seems like the world will move more and more towards this kind of technology to help with important tasks. Eventually, we will probably be using AR in our cars and homes and blur the lines between the universe and the Metaverse. 

Ryan Hoggan is closely watching the development in Facebook metaverse.

Facebook’s Dream

Facebook has recently come under fire for some remarks they made about the Metaverse. To sum it up, they envision a world where users will be able to throw on their headsets and be instantly in their workplace, talking to their boss. 

Of course, workers do not want their boss to have access to their life 24/7, which is where the criticism came from. However, looking past the black mirror-Esque dreams, it isn’t hard to imagine how this technology could be helpful if it isn’t abused. 

Only time will tell how things will pan out in the world of Metaverse employment. 

Ryan Hoggan is closely watching the development in the real estate scene in metaverse.

Real Estate

Remember how I talked about Decentraland? Well, there are a few different Metaverse worlds similar to Decentraland, all of which have land that people may own, buy, and sell. This could be a dream for remote real estate investors.

And where there is land that can be bought, a real estate company is trying to flip it! This is no different in the Metaverse; there are already a few different Virtual Real Estate companies purchasing, selling, and renting out land in Decentraland and other virtual worlds. 

If you want to start your dream business, this could be a very lucrative business since crypto can be used all over the net and even converted to USD or any other currency. I believe this is just a taste of what the future has to offer for virtual worlds. 

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