How Brands Can Use NFTs for Their Digital Marketing Strategies

NFTs came with a truckload of takeaways for digital marketers, especially in an era where the buzz around cryptocurrency is increasiong. Art has always been an integral part of marketing strategy, but no one expected how the NFT revolution would change the face of digital marketing across sectors. 

Non-fungible tokens (NFTs) are digital assets that store art, animations, text, or even audio on a blockchain. There is have a unique appeal to them, and unlike many other cryptographic assets, you can’t replicate them or trade them. Instead, you pay to acquire ownership of them.

NFTs have brought a windfall to the crypto space in the past year, with some tokens selling for as high as $2.9million.  

How then do NFTs improve the digital marketing strategies of brands? Well, marketing strategies aim to build revenue channels for brands, and NFTs can do just that.

NFTs allow businesses to engage in newer forms of customer interaction with products and brand storytelling. This way, brands can increase awareness and interest, which ultimately leads to more revenue.

In this post, I present five specific methods brands can capitalize on to channel NFTs and innovative marketing into a revenue-generating process 

Brands can use NFTs to create unique brand experiences

We currently live in an era where digital consumerism is on the rise. In essence, more people are becoming satisfied with experiencing products and services through a digital medium rather than physically. Since NFTs come in art, 3D animations, videos, or even music, brands can convert their products into these mediums for sale as NFTs. 

By so doing, digital consumers can become owners of digital copies of products and still experience a feel of the product. 

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Common Cryptocurrency Mistakes To Avoid As A New Investor

In the last year, the globe has seen a significant increase in cryptocurrency investments. Non-fungible Tokens (NFTs) are also gaining popularity, with a slew of artists benefiting from them.

It takes luck, but more importantly, intelligence and accuracy, to invest in the correct cryptocurrency at the appropriate moment.

The only people that continuously make substantial amounts are those who improve their investing methods every day, one error after another.

You may be feeling overwhelmed and perplexed as a novice about how to get started investing in cryptocurrency. To assist you in resolving this problem and confusion, I will provide you with a list of errors to avoid as you prepare to begin investing in cryptocurrencies.

Considering one-sided viewpoints

What sources of information do you use? Friends, Twitter, YouTube, and Reddit, to name a few. It’s always a good idea to vary your “news channels” to obtain a broader view of the market condition, regardless of who it is or how excellent that source seems to be.

Personally, I follow up on the market every day. I try as much as possible to filter the things I am hearing to know whether they are true or false

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The Most Trusted Resources for Learning about Crypto

While a lot of us look at cryptocurrency as a passing fad, there is no doubt about it becoming a powerful economic force. By 2027, the international market for crypto is expected to skyrocket at $1.7 billion. However, there is a lot of confusion about this form of investment due to the many options available yet little mainstream knowledge. 

Cryptocurrency is a type of payment that can be exchanged online for products and services. This currency uses a decentralized technology known as Blockchain that is spread across numerous computers, recording and managing financial transactions. 

A non-fungible token (NFT) is also a type of cryptocurrency, but unlike a regular crypto coin, it cannot be exchanged. Rather, it is used to represent items like videos, audio, photos, and other forms of digital files. 

NFTs allow its creator to digitally trademark their online work. This means you’re the rightful owner of an exclusive digital piece, even if the audio file or image has been circulated numerous times.

There are numerous factors that affect the cryptocurrency market, so it is important to stay ahead of the trends. If you are looking to learn more about the world of cryptocurrency, I have compiled a list of reliable resources that will help you do so. 

Coinbase Learn 

Coinbase Learn is ideal for beginners and offers an array of crypto and digital currency courses. This learning platform is founded by Coinbase, which is a well-known cryptocurrency exchange. With

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How I Stay Smart With My Crypto Portfolio (Even When The Market Is Wild)

Investing in cryptocurrency can be a very interesting and profitable thing when it’s done well. But when the wrong strategies are applied, it can cause a lot of loss. This is because cryptocurrency operates in a highly volatile market. 

In the first week of 2021 alone, Bitcoin was able to reach $42,000 dollars and in the following months, it went even higher. However since then, the price of Bitcoin has fallen drastically. This fall has also affected the price of other Altcoins. But the situation is different now. 

Slowly, the market is reviving but the amount of losses that occurred in the past two months is not something that can just be written off. A lot of new and seasoned investors lost their money due to poor decisions. But this situation could have been helped with the right knowledge. To maintain my portfolio, I do the following things;

I Don’t Invest More Than I Can Lose

The increase in the number of “crypto success stories” means the number of people who think of investing in crypto as a get rich quick scheme is increasing. 

As a result, they end up putting more money in the market than they can afford to lose. The problem is that the cryptocurrency market is a highly volatile one. It is almost impossible to make money if you’re not willing to risk anything. 

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Hot New NFT Projects To Watch

Non-fungible tokens (NFT) are all the rage these days. But what exactly is it, and which NFT Projects should you be on the lookout for? Don’t worry, let’s take it from the top. 

NFTs are a unit of data stored in the blockchain that confirms the uniqueness of a digital asset and prevents it from getting interchanged. Basically, the data stored in an NFT allows its creator to digitally trademark their work.

They can be any form of digital data, for instance, music, internet memes, and artwork, but the main thrill lies in selling digital art. So even if a photo or a song has been circulated many times, purchasing the NFT makes you the owner.

In 2021, the NFT market exploded, recording high sale volumes, around $2.5 Billion. If this piques your interest, then I would like to walk you through the current hottest NFT projects so you can get a good head start.


Developed and released in June of 2017 by Larva Labs, CryptoPunks was the first NFT on the Ethereum Blockchain and is now being held in top investment portfolios. If you are considering exploring NFTs, CryptoPunks is the way to go for many reasons.

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How To Level Up Your Crypto Portfolio In 2021

Crypto has taken off as a new asset class. Its success is due to its lack of correlation with other asset classes, meaning that cryptocurrency holdings and traditional investments do not move in the same direction. It also offers low transaction costs and quick transactions so it’s an attractive way for investors to diversify their portfolio while taking on minimal risk.

The future looks promising for the crypto market, with predictions of lower transaction fees, wider acceptance by retailers (e.g. Amazon), and more applications for cryptocurrency, including in the financial sector.

But one thing is certain: the market is volatile. It’s one of the biggest risks to owning cryptocurrencies today and an obstacle for mainstream adoption. In this article we look at how you can level up your crypto portfolio. Let’s get started!

Learn about Crypto

Before you can level up your crypto portfolio, you need to learn the basics of cryptocurrency.

One way to do that is by reading a Crypto Beginner’s Guide. There are many Crypto Beginner’s Guides available online so you can take your pick.

The first thing to know is that cryptocurrency is not issued by governments or banks – it’s decentralized. Think of it as digital cash. So, you can buy and sell cryptocurrency like any other asset class and expect the price to go up and down.

Make Your Research

If you’re reading a crypto beginner’s guide, you’ve probably heard that ‘crypto is risky.’ That’s true.

It’s the volatility that brings opportunity (more on that later), but don’t let the risk put you off. If you’re going to invest in cryptocurrency, do your research and learn about it as much as possible before putting your hard-earned money in it.

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Top Tips For Being Smart About Your Crypto Investments

The crypto world in the past weeks has been characterized by what I describe as financial rancor, confusion, and growing skepticism – which, to be fair, is a prominent feature of any form of financial investment. Earlier this month, crypto saw a rather sudden nosedive in value, in what is the most devastating dip since 2011, after a more than 11% drop in worth.

It goes without mentioning that just a few days ago, another ruinous bout of volatility hit the crypto space, leading to another round of dip in value. This, of course, came shortly after China’s crackdown on cryptocurrencies and what I call the “Musk effect,” which cited the environmental impact of mining digital currencies.

Whether you are a newbie in cryptocurrency investment or an existing investor, it is not out of place to start entertaining doubts, especially given the recent downward trend that has struck the crypto market. The truth is, times such as this, is at worst, just another opportunity to ask honest financial questions and reflect on how well to leverage the potentials of coin ownership and trading.

At the same time, you ask these questions and reassess your strategies going forward. It is essential to understand that for every bear market, there is a bull market.

This means that for every trend, whether downward or upward, there is almost always an opposite trend – in an endless cycle of perpetual balance. Crypto experts have opined, and continuously so too, that the dip, however devastating, will ultimately be met by a corresponding bloom – similar to Taoist Ying Yang analogy.

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Why The Cryptocurrency Boom Is Really Just Getting Started

There remain, of course, many eminently sensible questions around the recent boom and sudden dip of cryptocurrency: why, how, and what happens next? This is best seen through the lens of adoption.

Crypto as an industry, and an asset class, has now come of age. Let us not forget that it is in the relatively recent past (such as the previous 18 months) that it was the sole preserve of a niche within a niche. Now, however, crypto is firmly in the mainstream, regardless of its current state.

In October 2020, payments giant PayPal jumped into the bitcoin and cryptocurrency space, announcing it will soon be offering bitcoin buying and spending services. The news sent shockwaves around the financial world, with PayPal’s perceived capitulation to Bitcoin taken as a sign that broader adoption is on the way.

In February, earlier this year, Tesla – the electronic cars manufacturer bought $1.5biilion worth of bitcoins and further announced its intentions to commence acceptance of payments for its cars in bitcoins. Regardless of the recent development within Tesla in relation to exiting the crypto market, I cannot help but applaud the potentials of crypto going forward.

Like Nicholas Pelecanos, head of trading at blockchain development platform NEM noted: “Fundamentally, bitcoin is a much more vital asset now than it was three years ago due to several factors, including the halving, a rise in institutional adoption, real-world use cases emerging, publicly listed U.S. companies moving 10% of their balance sheet into the asset and payments giants like PayPal accepting crypto.

There are several reasons why the boom is inevitable.

Studies have shown that the bear and bull market nature of crypto could be a major cause for optimism, following the recent drop in value. The dip, as we know it, is more and more likely to force an exodus of capital values by investors, but the catch is: whenever it does again, after a spell of stability, the value is likely to hit an all-time high.

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How You Can Make Money as a Brand-new NFT Artist

I have said it before, and I am repeating it: the way to stay on top is to remain in touch with trends and changes. With the NFT hype, superstars, and big brands jumping on it, as an artist or creator, this article would guide you on how to make money from NFT.

Elsewhere, I showed you how artists and content creators could be the biggest sellers in NFTs, by putting their works on securitized NFTs, making more money and profit directly from consumers. The increased quest for knowledge in one subject area shrouded with so much technical jargon typical of blockchain technologies is impressive.

Beeple sold an NFT for $69 million

In March 2021, Christie’s, a global name in auction houses, sold a Beeple’s Everydays for an NFT work of art for $69 million in her first full digital auction. This record breaking deal has drawn the attention of many to NFT.

While you may not earn as much as $69 million, you are going to be what I consider a very profitable game-changer for investors and creators in the world of Arts.

If you are an artist, the NFT space is another platform to create and share your work and get big money and admirers to follow and support your work. From all kinds of works—GIFs, designs to more complex art stuff like music, aspects of creativity, you as an artist can enjoy some better public visibility of a range of ways to buy/sell arts and make money. It is the hottest space today that is predicted to become big.

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NFTs 101: What You Need to Know About Non-Fungible Tokens

Exploring a new space as NFTs is not always easy. There is much need for learning. However, the truth remains that to win, you must always stay on top of trends. Now, follow me as I show you all you need to know about Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs).  

As one who has been involved in e-commerce, digital marketing, venture capital, marketing, and others, I follow trends very closely and keep my eyes on interesting market moves. NFT like cryptocurrency, brings a mix of unpredictability and excitement.

Nevertheless, like what smart people do, you have to take apart whatever you hear, do your research, and make your informed and valid decisions.  

NFTs have been around for about seven years, but only an affair of a few big people. While only gaining some good popularity as a medium for transactions in digital artwork, it has since attracted an investment of $174 million since November of 2017. The current trends and indicators show that the NFT space is going to explode.

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