How To Discover The Best NFT Artists (Tips For Collectors)

NFTs are great for two reasons. They are fantastic for collecting and building up a unique portfolio of various NFTs.

They are also great for investing and trading in order to make money. If you’re like me, you love both aspects of the NFT game.

I love seeing the art in my collection, and I also love watching their value rise over time once more people discover the awesome work put in by the artists. However, a lot of people are making “bad” NFT investments and losing a lot of money by purchasing NFTs that drop in value almost immediately.

I’m going to give you some of my best tips on finding good NFT artists, and deciding whether to purchase their NFT or not. 

Art Galleries

I love looking at the galleries of other NFT collectors. Not everyone is willing to trade pieces in their collection, especially if they have sentimental value to that person.

However, checking out the collections of a lot of individuals will help you discover new artists that you may not have ever seen before. This will also let you get a feel for big and upcoming names in the NFT art world.

If you notice an artist appears multiple times across various investors’ collections, then maybe it’s time to check out that artist and pick up a piece yourself.  


This one may seem obvious, but sometimes the best way to find an NFT artist is to just window shop. Check out galleries, sort by recently added, and see if anything really sticks out to you.

This will help you discover lesser-known artists, and give them a chance to earn a reputation. This is one of my favorite ways to find artists, as I find very unique NFTs with this method. 

Social Media

You need to be on all social media as an NFT collector. Even if you’re not actively posting on them, you should have your ear to the ground by lurking on the platforms.

Instagram, for example, is a great way to find upcoming NFT artists and actually see their artwork. Facebook and Reddit are also great places to not only see art but see discussions about projects and artists.

Staying in the loop on these platforms is a fantastic way to discover up and coming artists before they blow up. 

More than just Art 

When choosing an artist or NFT to invest in, you have to look beyond just the art itself. There are a lot of fantastic artists in the world, and as NFTs become more mainstream, more of these artists will start creating NFTs.

If you buy every piece of pretty artwork, you’re going to have a bloated collection. While I think it is perfectly fine to have a collection of NFTs because you love how they look, if you’re frugal and are using NFTs as a way to invest, then you will want to be a little more conservative.

Pay attention to the story of the art, invest in the artist and their background, not just the artwork itself. 

Media Diversity

NFTs are used for more than just traditional artwork such as images and GIFs. NFT technology is being used in games more frequently, and I believe this trend will continue in the future.

I say keep your eyes peeled for unique uses of NFT technology, look at who is creating the projects, and if you believe in the artist and the project, then you should start collecting as soon as possible. 

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